Ducted residential dehumidifiers: learn about the RSO and RSE range

Ducted residential dehumidifiers: learn about the RSO and RSE range

Residential dehumidifiers are ideal for reducing humidity in the air in indoor spaces, such as homes and offices. In this article, we explain the specific characteristics of residential ducted dehumidifiers, such as those included in the RSO and RSE range of dehumidifiers.

What is a ducted residential dehumidifier?

This type of dehumidifiers have the characteristic of being able to be integrated directly into the ventilation duct system of a home. The difference between a residential ducted dehumidifier and a portable dehumidifier is that instead of being placed individually in a room, like portable ones, They are designed to work in conjunction with a home's heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system, making them suitable for installation in spaces with cooling floors. They provide many advantages:

1. They allow you to achieve thermal comfort uniformly
Ducted dehumidifiers allow air to be distributed in all spaces with adequate humidity levels, achieving the desired environment throughout the house.

2. Good performance and energy efficiency
By working together with the HVAC system they contribute to energy efficiency, reduce workload and provide a quick response to all climatic needs and variations.
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In summary, it can be said that it is a complete solution that helps control the level of humidity throughout a house, and not just in a specific area, while improving air quality, which creates a healthier and more environmentally friendly environment. Prevents problems associated with inadequate humidity control in a home, such as mold and mildew, material degradation or structural damage.

Learn about the characteristics of RSO and RSE residential duct dehumidifiers

The RSO and RSE range of residential ducted dehumidifiers are designed for use in residential and commercial environments where 24 hour operation is required.
These dehumidifiers are prepared for environments with a high humidity load. They are ideal for buildings where the cooling of the environment is carried out by radiant systems such as floors, walls or ceilings, and can be installed in homes, businesses and residences.

The entire range of RSO and RSE dehumidifiers can be connected and controlled via RS485* communication protocol.

* RSO and RSE 020, 035 and 050 units use R-513a refrigerant gas
* RSE 100 units use R – 410 refrigerant gas

RSO dehumidifiers have 3-speed centrifugal fans for the lowest noise level. For their part, the RSE models have an EC electronic fan, suitable for cases where higher pressure is necessary.

Ducted residential dehumidifiers: learn about the RSO and RSE range

In which cases is it advisable to install a residential duct humidifier?

They are recommended for widespread humidity problems, large homes or when there is already an HVAC system installed.

For more information and to know what type of humidifier is suitable based on different needs, contact us and you will receive technical and commercial advice.

Ducted residential dehumidifiers: learn about the RSO and RSE range

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