Efficient air conditioning solutions for the food industry in summer

Efficient air conditioning solutions for the food industry in summer

Efficient air conditioning solutions for the food industry in summer
Maintaining a well-heated environment in the food industry is essential to guarantee the quality, safety and durability of the products.

In summer, humidity and temperature conditions can negatively affect the supply chain and cause problems such as food spoilage and the growth of microorganisms and bacteria.

In this article, we will explore the importance of efficient air conditioning solutions in dehumidification and humidification , for the distribution sector in the food industry during the summer season.

Dehumidification: Preserving the quality and freshness of food

Dehumidification helps control humidity levels in storage and distribution spaces to prevent accelerating food spoilage, encouraging mold and bacteria growth, and compromising product safety and shelf life.

The installation of dehumidification systems allows levels to be maintained, avoiding excess humidity in the environment. These systems employ advanced technologies, such as desiccant or refrigerant dehumidifiers, that help consistently remove moisture from the air.

Some of the advantages are:
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Prevention of mold and bacteria.

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Improving the useful life of products.


Take care of aspects such as texture, flavor and appearance.

Humidification: Controlling humidity in critical environments

Humidification also plays an important role in the food industry during the summer, especially in environments where precise control is required, such as in process rooms, cold rooms and production areas.

Maintenance in these critical environments offers significant benefits such as:


Prevents moisture dehydration and premature deterioration of the product.


Reduces static charge buildup and to maintain an ideal work environment.


It can favor the fermentation process, improving the quality of the product.

The importance of dehumidification and humidification solutions extends to various sectors within the food industry.

Below, we'll explore some of these sectors and the reasons why these solutions are essential:

Efficient air conditioning solutions for the food industry in summer

Meat industry

In the meat industry, where product handling and processing is constant, controlling humidity levels is crucial to maintain quality and prolong the shelf life of the products.

Dehumidification is used in storage rooms to prevent condensation on meat, which helps prevent the growth of bacteria and the appearance of mold.

Controlled humidification is used in the maturation and curing of meat, where exact humidity is required to achieve the desired texture and flavor.
Efficient air conditioning solutions for the food industry in summer

Fruit and vegetable industry

High levels of humidity can accelerate the ripening and decomposition process of fruits and vegetables, affecting their quality and shelf life.

Therefore, dehumidification systems help control the relative humidity in storage areas, preventing deterioration and prolonging freshness.

At the same time, controlling the humidification of the environment is necessary in certain cases to prevent dehydration of fruits and vegetables during storage at low temperatures.
Efficient air conditioning solutions for the food industry in summer

Dairy industry

The dairy industry benefits from dehumidification and humidification solutions to ensure the quality and freshness of dairy products.

Controlled dehumidification in product storage rooms prevents condensation and ice formation, which could affect texture and flavor.

Likewise, humidification requires a specific level of humidity for the proper development of crops and the formation of the characteristic crust of some cheeses.

Charmex SA promotes solutions for humidity control in the food industry

In the food industry, dehumidification and humidification are solutions that contribute to improving the quality, safety and shelf life of food, by adequately controlling humidity in distribution, storage and production processes.

It is important to note that, within each sector, specific needs may vary, and it is recommended that companies consult with sector specialists.

Charmex SA offers products and services adapted to the particularities of each sector, providing personalized technical advice and guaranteeing the appropriate selection of dehumidification and humidification equipment.

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