New product category: fixings for the installation of solar panels

New product category: fixings for the installation of solar panels

Charmex SA presents different ranges of products aimed at achieving a
easy and safe fixation for the installation of solar panels

Charmex SA, in its constant commitment to offering the most innovative solutions for environmental control, has wanted to bet on photovoltaic energy , and therefore, is pleased to present its new category of products designed specifically for fixing solar panels.

Its objective is focused on covering the needs of those clients who seek security and versatility , since all fixing systems are designed to be able to adapt to the characteristics of the different types of installations, covers and existing roofs , both flat and inclined, providing a perfect combination of stability and reliability.

To make this launch possible, Charmex SA has counted on the Italian manufacturers of Tecnosystemi Group S. p. To Società Benefit , who under the FV Power seal and thanks to their continuous dedication to research and development, have created fixings that meet the highest quality standards and all current regulations, guaranteeing safety and quality in all phases of the design and manufacturing of each product .

In this way, reliable, robust elements can be found that allow easy and safe installation . They are made with top quality materials such as stainless steel and aluminum . The different ranges of products include profiles, couplings, clamps, different types of screws and nuts, cement ballasts with various inclinations, triangles, supports with inclination, fixings for flat roofs and other mounting accessories.

Charmex SA has already begun to distribute the fixings for PV POWER solar panels through

About Charmex SA

CHARMEX, SA offers solutions for environmental control, adapting to the needs of different sectors. All this with the best associated service, with the aim of achieving the greatest satisfaction on the part of users.
We make all our knowledge and acquired experience available to the market, in order to advise on the selection of the most appropriate product according to the established needs.

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New product category: fixings for the installation of solar panels


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