Technology for environmental control at the International Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Exhibition

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Charmex SA, a company focused on providing technological solutions for environmental control with a special focus on humidity control, was one of the companies participating in the International Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Exhibition 2023, being able to demonstrate once again its clear commitment for innovation and ability to adapt to multiple needs.

The Charmex SA stand at C&R 2023 was a key point for the presentation of specific products for humidification, dehumidification, heat pumps for swimming pools, air conditioning, condensate and gutter pumps, structures and supports.

Among the most notable have been those from the Tecnosystemi brand, chosen for its great diversity and adaptability, something that could be seen in its line of mini pumps , suitable for the elimination of condensate in air conditioning systems and ideal for small spaces. Different types of air curtains, structures and supports from this same brand were also exhibited.

In turn, the Charmex SA stand was a must-visit for those who wanted to learn about the latest advances in humidification and dehumidification. They presented different ranges of products, including the ultrasonic humidifier for ambient application from the UCAN brand, a highly recommended piece of equipment, with a stainless steel body with plastic misting nozzles and optionally modulating ON/OFF control with UCR version.

Regarding the dehumidification line presented, Trau being the most highlighted brand in this case, equipment such as the FD 240-Pool model, among others, was announced, one of the most robust and suitable for especially aggressive environments. Also presented were both the console pool dehumidifier for indoor installation and with Advanced Control, DDS 100 , and the Trau ducted dehumidifier for pools from the DOS range with Advanced Control, which includes an integrated Temp/HR probe, dehumidification, ventilation and heating control, batteries with pre-treatment for aggressive environments and EC inverter fan, among other features.

To obtain more information about these and other solutions, it is recommended to visit the Charmex SA website and its recently launched e-commerce, another of the novelties that Charmex SA wanted to make all attendees participate in, given the speed of information and acquisition of products that it can provide.

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Technology for environmental control at the International Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Exhibition

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