Equipo de osmosis inversa RO-3

Ref: RO-3 Trau

Reverse osmosis (RO) equipment is equipment that allows the elimination of a large part of the salinity of the water, thanks to osmotic membranes through which the water flow passes.

The domestic range includes the RO-3 and RO-15 models. This equipment includes 5 stages for the production of pure water, with low salt content: 5 μm filtration, GAC carbon, carbon block, osmosis membrane and nanoparticle antibacterial post-filter. They incorporate a pressurized tank (RO-3), pressure gauge, keys and installation kit. Optionally with pump (RO-3 PUMP).

  • Work pressure: 2,5 - 4,2 Bar
  • : Trau
  • Dimensions. h x w x d (mm): 420x405x145 mm
  • number of stages: 5 etapas
  • maximum input tds (ppm): 1000 ppm