Ref: IT0100 Trau

Industrial refrigeration cycle dehumidifier for installation through an air duct.

Single flux channelable dehumidifier, designed for parade shumidification and heating of industrial environments from which humidity control is required.

· Installation in the place to be dehumidified (fixed or mobile) with pivoting wheels, (optional) and technical or external compartment.
· Painted maple finish inside and out.· Batteries with shell/aluminium fins

· Stainless steel tray to collect condensates.
· Double suction centrifugal fan (EC radial fan, optional) inserted at the top or front.
· Temperature controller (optional).

  • Dehumidifier type: Refrigerant
  • Dehumidifier application: Industrial
  • Dehumidifier installation: Ducts
  • Extraction capacity (l/24h): 100 L/24h
  • : Trau
  • Air flow (m3/h): 900 m³/h
  • Water flow (m3/h): 5,5 m³/h
  • Static air pressure in process (pa): 100 Pa
  • Cooling capacity (kw): Up to 5 kW
  • Sound level (db (a)): 55 dB (A)
  • Refrigerant: R410a
  • Electrical voltage (v/hz): 230 V/I/50 Hz
  • Dimensions. h x w x d (mm): 1100x700x550 mm
  • Weight (kg): 100 Kg