Ref: ST1500 Trau

Single flow ductable dehumidifier, designed for dehumidifying and heating indoor swimming pools and potentially corrosive environments.

In addition to the features of SP models, the ST version hasa remote air condenser, in addition to the internal one,that allows to dissipate outside the excessivecondensation heat during summertime.

· Equipped with a remote air condenser that extracts excess condensation heat to the outside.
· Installation in the room to be dehumidified (fixed or mobile with pivoting wheels, optional) or technical compartment.
· Internally and externally painted steel cladding.
· Coils with pre-painted fins for corrosive environments.
· Electronic components protected against chlorine.
· Stainless steel tray to collect condensate.
· Double inlet centrifugal fan (EC radial fan, optional) top or front delivery.

  • Dehumidifier type: Refrigerant
  • Dehumidifier application: Pools Ducts
  • Dehumidifier installation: Ducts
  • Extraction capacity (l/24h): 1480 L/24h
  • : Trau
  • Air flow (m3/h): 13000 m3/h
  • Water flow (m3/h): 98 m3/h
  • Static air pressure in process (pa): 300 Pa
  • Cooling capacity (kw): More than 25 kW
  • Sound level (db (a)): 70 dB(A)
  • Refrigerant: R410a
  • Electrical voltage (v/hz): 400 V/III/50 Hz
  • Dimensions. h x w x d (mm): 1640x1000x2500 mm
  • Weight (kg): 780 kg