Equipo de osmosis inversa RO-400

Ref: RO-400 Trau

Reverse osmosis (RO) equipment is equipment that allows the elimination of a large part of the salinity of the water, thanks to osmotic membranes through which the water flow passes.

The industrial series are equipment designed for the production of low salinity water to be coupled to high pressure humidification systems. Productions from 30 l/h to 600 l/h.

The set includes a 5 μm microfiltration, minimum pressure switch, high pressure pump, osmotic membranes, inlet/wash solenoid valves, depression/rejection pressure gauges, flow meter, rejection flow regulator, recirculation tap, pressurized tank, work, conductivity meter at the outlet and a digital programmer to be able to manage all the parameters.

  • Work pressure: 3 - 5 Bar
  • Electrical voltage (v/hz): 400 V/lll/50 Hz
  • : Trau
  • Dimensions. h x w x d (mm): 1800x1010x650 mm
  • Pressurized accumulator (kpa): 1000 L
  • maximum input tds (ppm): 1000 ppm